How Much Are French Bulldogs Cost?

French Bulldogs, with their distinctive bat ears and charming personalities, have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. They are known for their friendly demeanor, making them ideal companions.

However, as with any breed, there are costs associated with owning a French Bulldog. This guide will break down those costs, from the initial purchase or adoption fees, to the ongoing expenses for feeding, grooming, and healthcare.

How Much Are French Bulldogs Cost

The Initial Cost of a French Bulldog

The initial cost of a French Bulldog can vary greatly depending on where you acquire the dog.

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Purchasing from a Breeder

Purchasing a French Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 and even more for dogs with a premium lineage. The high price is often due to the breeding difficulties and high demand for this breed.


Adoption is another route. Many French Bulldogs need loving homes, and adoption fees typically range from $350 to $550, which usually includes vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering.

Ongoing Costs of Owning a French Bulldog

Beyond the initial price, there are recurring costs to consider.


High-quality dog food is crucial for your French Bulldog’s health and well-being. The cost of feeding a French Bulldog can range from $30 to $70 per month, depending on the brand and type of food.


French Bulldogs are known to have some health issues due to their brachycephalic (short-nosed) nature. They may require regular vet check-ups and potentially ongoing treatment. Vet costs can range from $500 to $1000 per year, and more if your pet develops a chronic condition or requires surgery.


Though French Bulldogs have short fur, they still require regular grooming to keep their coat healthy. Professional grooming services can range from $30 to $70 per session, depending on your location and the services provided.


Pet insurance is highly recommended for French Bulldogs due to their potential health problems. The cost for pet insurance varies based on coverage, but expect to pay between $25 to $70 per month.

Additional Costs

Additional costs may include accessories (like leashes and collars), toys, training, and pet boarding or pet sitting services.

The True Cost of a French Bulldog

When you add up all these costs, the true cost of owning a French Bulldog can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year, excluding the initial cost of purchasing or adopting the pet.

While this may seem high, keep in mind that owning any pet is a long-term commitment that comes with financial responsibilities.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a French Bulldog

Several factors can influence the overall cost of owning a French Bulldog, which potential owners should consider.

Age of the Dog

Puppies often cost more than adult dogs due to the high demand for puppies and the costs associated with their early care, such as vaccinations and deworming treatments. Adult dogs, especially those adopted from rescue organizations, often have lower upfront costs.

Breeder Reputation

A French Bulldog from a highly reputable breeder known for high breeding standards and exceptional lineage may come with a higher price tag than one from a less well-known or less reputable breeder.

Geographical Location

Where you live can significantly affect the cost of owning a French Bulldog. Veterinary care, pet insurance, food, and grooming services can all vary in price depending on your location.

Reducing Costs While Ensuring Quality Care

While French Bulldogs can be expensive to care for, there are ways to potentially reduce costs without compromising on the quality of care for your pet.

Preventive Care

Investing in preventive care, such as regular vet check-ups, vaccinations, and parasite control, can help avoid higher costs down the line associated with treating diseases.

Pet Insurance

While it’s an additional monthly cost, pet insurance can help cover expensive medical treatments and procedures, giving you peace of mind and potentially saving you money in the long run.

Homemade Food and Treats

Preparing homemade food and treats for your French Bulldog, under the guidance of a vet or a pet nutritionist, can be a cost-effective way to feed your pet while ensuring they’re getting a nutritious diet.

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While French Bulldogs are undeniably adorable and make excellent companions, prospective owners must be aware of the expenses involved. Owning a French Bulldog is a significant financial commitment that extends beyond the initial purchase price.

However, with proper budgeting and preparation, owning a French Bulldog can be a rewarding and joyous experience.