How Much Does Pet Smart Crickets Benefits, and Care Tips

Feeding exotic pets can sometimes be a challenge, especially when their dietary needs include live insects. PetSmart, a well-known pet retailer, offers an easy and reliable solution – live crickets.

Known for their quality and convenience, PetSmart crickets have become a go-to source for many pet owners with insectivorous animals. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of PetSmart crickets, their benefits, and care tips.

Pet Smart Crickets

PetSmart Crickets: What Are They?

PetSmart crickets are live feeder crickets sold by the pet retail chain, PetSmart. These crickets, typically of the species Acheta domesticus, are bred to be a food source for pets like reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and certain types of birds.

Available in different sizes to suit different pets, they are a great source of nutrition for insect-eating animals.

Why Choose PetSmart Crickets?

Here are some reasons to choose Pet Smart Crickets:

Quality and Safety

PetSmart crickets are bred in controlled environments to ensure their health and quality. They’re free from diseases and parasites that could harm your pet, making them a safer choice compared to catching wild crickets.


Purchasing PetSmart crickets is convenient. You can buy them in-store or online, in varying quantities based on your pet’s needs.


Crickets are rich in protein and other essential nutrients, making them an excellent food source for your pets. Moreover, PetSmart crickets can be gut loaded (fed nutritious foods that will pass onto your pet) for added nutritional value.

How to Care for PetSmart Crickets

Crickets purchased from PetSmart need to be cared for properly to maintain their nutritional value and ensure they survive until they’re used as food. Here’s how:


Store your crickets in a well-ventilated container. Cricket keepers, available at PetSmart, often come with compartments for food and water, and egg crate-like material for the crickets to climb on.


Feed your crickets high-quality cricket food or fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember, the nutrition they consume will be passed onto your pet.


Instead of a water dish, use a water gel or sponge to provide hydration. This helps prevent the crickets from drowning.

In addition to what has already been discussed, it’s important to mention that PetSmart also offers a cricket purchasing program known as the “Cricket Club”.

This program allows frequent buyers to pre-purchase bulk quantities of crickets at a discounted price. This can be particularly advantageous for owners of large pets or multiple pets that consume a lot of crickets.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the potential for using PetSmart crickets in at-home breeding setups.

If you have multiple pets that require a steady diet of crickets, breeding your own can become a cost-effective and sustainable solution. PetSmart crickets, due to their health and quality, can serve as excellent breeders for this purpose.


PetSmart crickets provide a safe, convenient, and nutritious food option for your insect-eating pets. Their high quality and ease of purchase make them a top choice among pet owners.

Moreover, with proper care, these crickets can stay healthy and nutritional until it’s time to feed your pet.

So, whether you’re a long-time exotic pet owner or just beginning your journey, consider PetSmart crickets as a reliable food source for your pet.