Virtual “SpotOn Fence” Review 2023

The SpotOn Virtual Fence is a revolutionary GPS-enabled system designed to keep your pets safe and secure within defined boundaries without the need for a physical fence.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the product, its features, benefits, and potential shortcomings, providing an unbiased and thorough review to guide your decision-making process.

SpotOn Fence

SpotOn Virtual Fence: An Overview

The SpotOn Virtual Fence is a cutting-edge pet containment solution leveraging modern GPS technology.

The system includes a collar with GPS capabilities and a handheld device to set custom boundaries. Unlike traditional fences, the SpotOn Virtual Fence can be adapted to any environment, making it a convenient and flexible solution for pet owners.

Key Features of SpotOn Virtual Fence

Here are some of the key features of SpotOn Virtual Fence:

Customizable Boundaries

One of the standout features of the SpotOn Virtual Fence is the ability to create custom containment areas. This flexibility allows owners to adapt the fence to unique property layouts or even use it while traveling or visiting different locations.

GPS Technology

The SpotOn Virtual Fence uses GPS satellites to monitor your pet’s location. This allows for accurate, real-time tracking that is far superior to traditional radio-frequency fences.

Escape Notifications

In the unlikely event your pet breaches the virtual boundaries, the system sends immediate notifications to your phone, ensuring prompt response to potential risks.

Reinforced Training

The SpotOn collar delivers a gentle static correction when your pet approaches the virtual boundary, reinforcing training and helping to deter escape attempts.

The Pros and Cons of SpotOn Virtual Fence

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the SpotOn Virtual Fence is no exception.


  • No need for physical installation
  • Easily customizable boundaries
  • Reliable GPS technology
  • Instant escape notifications


  • Higher price point compared to traditional fences
  • Requires charging
  • May not be ideal for pets sensitive to static correction

How Does SpotOn Compare to Other Virtual Fences?

Compared to other virtual fences on the market, SpotOn stands out due to its advanced GPS technology, customizable boundaries, and escape notifications.

While it is more expensive than some alternatives, the range of features and level of reliability often justifies the extra cost for many pet owners.


In conclusion, the SpotOn Virtual Fence is a robust and flexible pet containment solution that leverages advanced GPS technology. Though it carries a higher price point, the peace of mind offered by the system, combined with its range of features, make it an excellent investment for many pet owners.

As with any pet product, it’s crucial to consider your pet’s individual needs and temperament before making a decision. With SpotOn, you’re investing in a quality product that offers flexibility, convenience, and reliability to keep your furry friends safe.

Remember to consult with a pet professional to ensure the training associated with the virtual fence is suitable for your pet. A responsible and educated approach will ensure that you can utilize this technology effectively and in the best interest of your beloved pet.