About 8 “Small Ducks” Breeds

Ducks come in all shapes and sizes, and the small breeds are particularly endearing. They’re not only easier to manage due to their smaller size, but they also offer a unique charm and character that makes them popular choices for backyard flocks.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 8 Small Duck breeds, exploring their characteristics, behavior, and care requirements.

Whether you’re a seasoned duck keeper or a beginner in waterfowl care, this guide will help you understand and appreciate the wonderful world of Small Duck breeds.

Small Ducks

A Guide to 8 Small Duck Breeds

Here is some mind blowing breeds of Small Ducks:

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Call Ducks

Known as the ‘cuties of the duck world’, Call Ducks are incredibly small, typically weighing just 1-2 pounds. Originally used as ‘decoy’ ducks to lure other species, they’re known for their loud quacks.

Call Ducks are friendly, sociable, and come in a range of colors including white, gray, blue fawn, and pastel.

East Indie Ducks

East Indie Ducks, known for their lustrous black plumage and green iridescent sheen, are another small breed. Weighing between 2-2.5 pounds, they have a calm and docile nature, making them perfect for backyard flocks.

Australian Spotted Ducks

Weighing 2-2.5 pounds, Australian Spotted Ducks are a bantam breed with distinctive spotted plumage. Available in green, black, and silver varieties, they’re energetic, hardy, and excellent flyers.

Khaki Campbell Ducks

Although slightly larger than other breeds on this list, Khaki Campbell Ducks, weighing between 3-5 pounds, are still considered small compared to standard duck breeds. They’re prolific egg layers and known for their active and friendly disposition.

Silver Bantam Ducks

Silver Bantam Ducks are small, compact ducks with distinctive silver-white plumage. Typically weighing 2-2.5 pounds, they’re gentle, calm, and adapt well to various environments.

Crested Ducks

Characterized by their unique ‘crest’ of feathers on their head, Crested Ducks are small to medium-sized ducks, weighing between 4-7 pounds. They’re available in several colors and are known for their friendly and sociable nature.

Miniature Silver Appleyard Ducks

A bantam version of the larger Silver Appleyard Duck, these Small Ducks weigh around 2.5-3 pounds. They have beautiful multi-colored plumage and are known for being active, friendly, and excellent foragers.

Netherland Smew Ducks

Netherland Smew Ducks, weighing around 2-3 pounds, are small diving ducks with beautiful white and black plumage. They are peaceful, hardy, and do well in both free-ranging and enclosed environments.

Caring for Small Duck Breeds

When caring for Small Duck breeds, there are a few key points to consider. While these ducks may be smaller, their care requirements are no less significant than their larger counterparts.

Feeding Small Duck Breeds

Small Ducks need a balanced diet to thrive. This usually includes a staple of waterfowl pellets or crumble, supplemented with leafy greens, vegetables, and occasional treats like mealworms or peas. Providing grit is also essential for their digestion.

Housing for Small Duck Breeds

Even though they’re small, these ducks need room to roam, forage, and express natural behaviors. A predator-proof coop for nighttime and a secure run or pond for daytime is ideal. The housing should be kept clean to prevent diseases.

Health Concerns for Small Duck Breeds

Small Ducks, like all pets, can be susceptible to health issues. Regular check-ups with a vet experienced in avian care are essential. Be vigilant for signs of disease, including changes in behavior, eating habits, or feces.

Breeding Small Duck Breeds

Breeding Small Ducks can be a rewarding experience, but it requires research and preparation. Some Small Duck breeds may require specific conditions for successful breeding.

Entertainment for Small Ducks

Enrichment is important for all ducks, no matter their size. Toys, foraging opportunities, and even simple mirrors can keep your ducks entertained and prevent boredom.

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Small Duck breeds offer a unique blend of charm, personality, and manageable size that make them perfect for various settings, from rural farms to backyard flocks.

These miniature quackers can enrich your life with their endearing antics and distinct characteristics. Whether you choose a tiny Call Duck, a lustrous East Indie, or a friendly Crested Duck, these small breeds are sure to bring big joy to your life.

Remember, regardless of size, all ducks need proper care, including a balanced diet, clean water, secure shelter, and plenty of love and attention. Happy duck keeping!