A List of Some Unique Names for Pugs

The Pug is a breed that’s adored worldwide for its endearing personality, expressive eyes, and unique, squashed face. If you’ve just brought a Pug into your family, finding the right Name that reflects its unique character can be an exciting journey.

The perfect Name will capture not just your Pug’s physical characteristics but also its engaging, lovable nature. In this SEO-optimized article, we’ll share a detailed list of the best Names for Pugs, touching all possible categories that might appeal to you.

Names for Pugs

Traditional Names for Pugs

Many Pug owners like to stick with traditional, popular dog Names. For male Pugs, Names like Max, Buddy, Charlie, and Rocky remain evergreen. On the other hand, Bella, Lucy, Daisy, and Lola are traditional choices for female Pugs.

Unique Names for Pugs

If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual to Name your Pug, consider these unique options. For male Pugs, Names like Gizmo, Nugget, Pippin, and Fizz could be a perfect fit. For female Pugs, Twinkle, Pixie, Biscuit, and Pepper offer an individual flair.

Funny and Comical Names for Pugs

Given the Pug’s naturally comical and playful demeanor, it’s not uncommon for Pug owners to select a humorous Name. Consider Names like Sir Snorts-a-lot, Puggles, Waffles, or even Ninja for males, and Pugzilla, Diva, Princess Smooshyface, or Cupcake for females.

Names Inspired by a Pug’s Appearance

The Pug’s distinct look, with its wrinkled face and dark, round eyes, can inspire many creative Names. Names like Button, Pudge, Squishy, or Wrinkles may just suit your male Pug, while females might resonate with Names like Tiny, Cocoa, Dumpling, or Muffin.

Names Based on Personality

Pugs are known for their outgoing, affectionate, and often clownish behavior, which offers a wealth of inspiration when it comes to naming. Males might suit Names like Joker, Dopey, Cuddles, or Puck, while females might respond well to Names like Queenie, Sassy, or Joy.

Celebrities’ Pugs Names

If you’re still looking for inspiration, why not look to the stars? Celebrity Pug Names include Frank (from “Men in Black”), Percy (owned by actor Jonathan Ross), and Mochi (owned by YouTube star Jenna Marbles).

Names Based on Pop Culture for Pugs

A great source of inspiration for your Pug’s Name can be derived from pop culture, such as popular characters from movies, TV shows, books, or even famous personalities.

For male Pugs, Names like Yoda, Frodo, Pugsley (from The Addams Family), or Chewbacca (Chewie for short) can be a perfect fit if you’re a fan of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

For female Pugs, Names like Leeloo (from The Fifth Element), Xena (from Xena: Warrior Princess), or even Khaleesi (from Game of Thrones) might be fitting if you are a lover of strong female characters.

Names from History and Mythology

If you’re a history or mythology buff, you can Name your Pug after an interesting historical figure or mythical creature. Consider Names like Caesar, Napoleon, or Zeus for males and Cleopatra, Athena, or Artemis for females.

Pug Names from Around the World

Considering your Pug’s breed history or your own heritage can also be an exciting source of Names. For example, the Pug breed originally comes from China.

Hence, Chinese Names like Bao (means ‘precious’ in Mandarin), Li (means ‘beautiful’ or ‘powerful’), or Shizi (means ‘lion’) might be fitting. If you have Italian roots, consider Names like Bella (means ‘beautiful’), Luna (means ‘moon’), or Amico (means ‘friend’).


Choosing the right Name for your Pug is an important part of welcoming them into your home. A Name can reflect your Pug’s unique personality, appearance, or your personal preferences.

Whether you opt for a traditional, unique, funny, appearance-based, or personality-based Name, the most important thing is that it resonates with you and your new furry friend.

Remember, a Name is for life, so take your time to choose one that your Pug will happily respond to for years to come.