How To Make A Indoor Dog Potty DIY Ideas

As much as we love our furry companions, having them do their business inside the house isn’t the most pleasant scenario. An indoor dog potty can be a lifesaver for pet parents living in apartments, during bad weather, or when dealing with puppies or senior dogs.

Building a DIY indoor dog potty can be a cost-effective solution that meets your dog’s needs and fits into your home decor. This article will guide you through the process of creating your indoor dog potty solution.

Indoor Dog Potty DIY

Materials Required

A large plastic container or tray: Make sure it’s deep enough to hold all materials and broad enough for your dog to comfortably use.

Grass pads or puppy pads: These are super absorbent and help to control odors.

Optional items: Artificial grass, grate, or potty training spray.

Building the Indoor Dog Potty

Step 1: Start by choosing the right location for your indoor dog potty. It should be a place that is easily accessible to your dog, but not in a high-traffic area of your home.

Step 2: Place the puppy pads or grass pads inside the plastic container. If you’re using artificial grass, cut it to size and place it over the pads. The artificial grass provides a more natural feel for your dog.

Step 3: If you opt to use a grate, place it above the grass or pads. A grate can help to keep your dog’s paws dry and clean by separating them from the soiled area.

Step 4: Optionally, you can use potty training spray to encourage your dog to use the indoor dog potty. Spray a small amount onto the grass or pads.

Training Your Dog to Use the Indoor Potty

After setting up your DIY indoor dog potty, the next step is training your dog to use it. This process can take time, patience, and consistency. Reward your dog with treats and praise each time they successfully use the potty to reinforce the behavior.

Maintaining the Indoor Dog Potty

Maintain cleanliness by changing the pads or cleaning the artificial grass regularly. If you used a grate, wash it periodically with dog-safe cleaning products to prevent odors and bacteria buildup.

Benefits of an Indoor Dog Potty

An indoor dog potty offers various benefits. It provides a safe and comfortable place for your dog to relieve themselves, especially during bad weather or odd hours. It can also be beneficial for potty training puppies or providing a convenient solution for elderly dogs.

Additional Tips

While an indoor dog potty is a great solution, it’s not a substitute for regular outdoor bathroom breaks and walks, which are essential for your dog’s physical health and mental stimulation. Also, ensure to offer plenty of praise and positive reinforcement during the training phase.


Creating a DIY indoor dog potty can be a straightforward and economical process. With patience and consistency, your dog will soon be comfortable using their new indoor facility.

Remember, the key to success is in maintenance, appropriate training, and picking the right spot for your dog’s comfort and convenience.