Top 9 “Game Breeds” of Chicken Used as Fighter Fowls

Game chickens, renowned for their endurance, athleticism, and natural fighting abilities, have been a part of human society for thousands of years.

Despite the controversy surrounding cockfighting due to ethical considerations, game breeds continue to be of interest to poultry enthusiasts for their resilience, liveliness, and unique appearance.

In this article, we’ll explore nine prominent game chicken breeds that were historically used as fighter fowls.

Game Breeds

The Noteworthy Game Chicken Breeds

Here are some of the Breeds of Chicken Used as Fighter Fowls:

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1. Asil

Originating from India, Asil chickens, also known as Aseel, are one of the oldest game chicken breeds. Known for their aggressiveness and strength, they have a distinctive appearance with a short beak, strong neck, and compact body.

2. Shamo

Shamo chickens are a Japanese breed, developed for fighting. They are tall, upright, and have a hard-feathered appearance. Despite their fighting origins, Shamos are also appreciated for their unique aesthetic appeal.

3. Malay

Recognized as one of the oldest and tallest chicken breeds, the Malay has a distinct crow and imposing stature. Originating from Asia, they’re well-regarded for their endurance and courage.

4. Old English Game

Known for their agility and speed, the Old English Game breed originated in England. These birds are small, muscular, and come in a variety of colors. They’re also known for being good layers and are often kept for ornamental purposes.

5. Modern Game

Developed from Old English Games, Modern Game chickens are slim, long-legged birds bred for exhibition purposes rather than fighting. They are known for their friendly temperament and wide range of color patterns.

6. American Game

American Game chickens, descendants of English and Spanish game fowls, were bred for cockfighting in America. They are athletic, hardy, and agile birds, often kept today for their show qualities and hardiness.

7. Ga Noi

Hailing from Vietnam, Ga Noi is a rare game breed, known for their hardiness and resistance to diseases. Despite their rough-and-tough history, they are often kept for ornamental reasons today.

8. Brazilian Game

Brazilian Game chickens, also known as “Galo de Combate,” are robust and resilient birds. They are characterized by their muscular bodies, broad chests, and curved beaks.

9. Spanish Game

With their origins in Spain, these fowls are known for their aggression and determination. They have strong muscular bodies, broad chests, and hard feathers, making them one of the hardiest game chicken breeds.

Preservation of Game Breeds

While cockfighting is now illegal in many countries due to animal welfare concerns, many of these game chicken breeds are preserved for their historical significance and their contribution to genetic diversity. They continue to be bred for exhibition, ornamental purposes, and their overall hardiness.

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The world of game chicken breeds is rich with history, diverse characteristics, and distinctive breeds. Each breed, with its unique attributes and fascinating backstory, contributes to the wide array of poultry diversity.

Despite their origins in cockfighting, these game breeds now serve as symbols of resilience, survival, and genetic diversity.

Understanding and appreciating these breeds underscores the importance of poultry diversity and conservation for future generations.

While the focus today is on their preservation and ornamental value, the historical significance of game chicken breeds continues to intrigue enthusiasts worldwide.