Breeds of “Most Expensive Dogs”

When it comes to man’s best friend, some come with a much steeper price tag than others.

Often, the most expensive dogs are purebred show breeds, with their pedigree, rarity, and certain unique traits commanding a high value. But what breeds top this pricey list? Let’s dive in to find out.

Most Expensive Dogs

Breeds of Most Expensive Dogs

Here is some of the breeds of the most expensive dogs breeds:

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Tibetan Mastiff

Known as the ancient guardian dogs of the Himalayas, Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the most expensive breeds in the world.

With their lion-like appearance and majestic temperament, these dogs have been known to sell for over a million dollars, especially for rare color variants.


Also known as “Little Lion Dogs,” Lowchens are one of the rarest breeds in the world. This toy breed is known for its playful nature and the distinctive “lion” cut given to their coats. The rarity and popularity of this breed among enthusiasts drive its price.


The Samoyed, with its striking white coat and friendly disposition, is among the world’s most expensive dog breeds.

Originating from Siberia, where they were used for herding and pulling sleds, these dogs are robust and hardy. Their need for constant grooming contributes to their overall cost of ownership.

English Bulldog

While English Bulldogs are relatively common, their high price tag is due to breeding challenges. These dogs often require artificial insemination and cesarean births, leading to higher costs for breeders which are passed onto buyers.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Known for their gentle nature and aristocratic history, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are among the most expensive dogs. These dogs have been popular among royalty for centuries, adding to their prestige and value.


The Akita breed, originating from Japan, is highly prized for its loyalty and courage. These traits, combined with their striking looks, contribute to their status as one of the most expensive dogs. Renowned Akita dog Hachiko’s story further popularized this breed.

Factors That Contribute to the Cost of a Dog

Apart from the breed itself, several factors can significantly contribute to the overall cost of a dog. These can include the purity of the breed (pedigree), the health of the parents, the reputation of the breeder, and any additional training or socialization the puppy has received.


Rottweilers are known for their strength, loyalty, and protective nature. However, this breed is susceptible to certain health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, which require breeders to conduct health tests, adding to the overall cost.

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound, one of the oldest known domesticated dogs, is known for its athletic physique, intelligence, and unique ability to blush when excited. The breed’s ancient lineage and unusual features contribute to its high price tag.

The True Cost of Dog Ownership

Beyond the initial price, owning a dog comes with ongoing costs that are worth considering. These include veterinary care, vaccinations, pet insurance, food, grooming, and accessories like beds, toys, and leashes.

Breed-Specific Legislation and Insurance Costs

Certain breeds like the Akita and Rottweiler, often classified as ‘dangerous breeds,’ may incur higher insurance costs and face breed-specific legislation.

Prospective owners should consider these factors when thinking about the overall cost of owning these breeds.

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Owning the most expensive dogs is a luxury not everyone can afford. However, those who decide to invest should be aware that high purchase prices often come with equally high costs of ownership, including grooming, healthcare, and insurance.

Regardless of the breed, every dog deserves a loving home that can provide the necessary care for a healthy, happy life.