How To Keep Cats Off Your Car

Finding paw prints or scratches on your car can be a frustrating experience for any car owner. Cats, with their agile nature and penchant for high perches, often find vehicles an irresistible spot to lounge on.

Whether they’re neighborhood strays or your own pets, keeping cats off your car is essential for maintaining its pristine condition.

This comprehensive guide will provide effective solutions to deter feline friends from making your car their favorite resting spot.

How To Keep Cats Off Your Car

How to Keep Cats Off Your Car

Keeping cats off your car involves a combination of deterrents, alternative lounging spots, and occasionally, some patience. Here are the best strategies:

Use Commercial Repellents: Commercial cat repellents are widely available and effective in deterring cats. Sprays with certain scents, like citrus or eucalyptus, can keep cats at bay. Use them around your car, focusing on the tires or the lower parts of the vehicle.

Install a Car Cover: Car covers not only protect your vehicle from dust, rain, and sun damage, but they also discourage cats from climbing onto the vehicle. Their slippery surface makes it difficult for cats to grip, thus acting as a physical deterrent.

Implement Motion-Activated Devices: Devices like motion-activated sprinklers or ultrasonic cat repellents can effectively keep cats away. These devices detect movement and then release a burst of water or emit high-frequency sound that’s unpleasant for cats but inaudible to humans.

Provide Alternative Lounging Spots: Cats love to perch on high places. By providing alternatives like cat trees or outdoor perches, you can divert their attention away from your car.

Use Natural Deterrents: Natural substances like citrus peels or coffee grounds are known to repel cats. Place these around the parking area to keep cats from approaching your car.

Apply Double-Sided Sticky Tape: Cats dislike sticky surfaces. Applying double-sided sticky tape on the areas where cats typically jump onto your car can discourage them.

Practice Regular Car Maintenance: A warm engine can be very inviting for cats in colder weather. By ensuring your car cools down quickly, through regular maintenance, you can discourage cats from seeing your car as a cozy spot.

Seek Professional Help: If a neighborhood cat continues to be a nuisance, consider reaching out to local animal control or a local Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. They can help manage the local cat population humanely.

Use a Scarecrow: A scarecrow, or any object that suddenly moves or makes noise, can be a great deterrent for cats. You can set one up near your car to keep the cats at bay.

Understanding the Feline Fascination with Cars: Cats are attracted to cars for a few reasons. Understanding these can help you address the problem more effectively. The warmth from a recently used car is particularly appealing, especially in cooler weather. Cars also offer a high vantage point, which cats instinctively seek out.

Consistent Training: For your own pet cats, consistent training can be effective. Gently shoo them away whenever you catch them on your car, and reward them when they rest in their designated spots. Over time, they will associate staying off the car with positive reinforcement.

Use Cat-Friendly Plants: Some plants, such as rosemary and lavender, have a scent that naturally deters cats. Consider planting these in your yard or around your driveway to keep cats away.


Keeping cats off your car can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies in place, it’s certainly achievable. Whether you choose to use commercial repellents, invest in motion-activated devices, or create alternative lounging spots, remember that consistency is key.

While it’s important to protect your car, it’s equally crucial to ensure that the methods used are humane and safe for cats. With patience and persistence, your car can remain free of feline visitors while still being a good neighbor to your community’s cats.