Singapura Cat, About, History, Health, Personality and More

Whoever loves pet animals also loves cats. As we all know that there are different breeds of cats. Persian cat, American curl, Somali cat, Bombay cat, etc. Singapura cat is one of these different breeds of cat. Singapura cat is one of the smallest breeds of cats, noted for its large eyes and ears, brown ticked coat, and blunt tail. The other names of Singapura cat are Drain Cat; Kucinta; Love Cat. Originated from Singapore and its scientific name is Felis Catus.

History of Singapura Cat

The origin of the breed is murky and controversial. How the Singapura cat came? Here is the answer. Originally the cat fancier’s Tommy and Hal meadow said that they brought three cats back to America from the streets of Singapore in the mid-1970s. this detail is according to the cat fanciers association. This cat was later known as Singapura cats. The organization gave them official registration in 1982 and get them for a championship competition in 1988.

Later the story of the origin of the breed came into question when the Singapore tourist and promotion board researched the cat’s history because they needed the breed to use as a mascot for the region southeastern Asia sovereign island.

During that research time, they found that the cat’s meadows said that the cats they found in Singapore had actually seen brought to there by the couple from the united states. Thus, now it is believed that the Singapura cat is a cross in between a Burmese and Abyssinian cat and the Singapura was the first breed in the united states by before they were returning to Singapore.

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The cat fanciers Association kept the Singapura cats as a natural breed, despite the controversy and the murky background about the breed’s origin. The Singapore tourists and promotion board decided on the Singapura cat as its tourist mascot. They also do this despite the controversies of the cat’s breed’s origin. The Singapore people call the cat “kucinta” which is a joined or amalgamation of the Malay words kucing which means cat and Cinta which means love.

The Singapura has these specialties such as they are tiny cat but the Singapura is large in its personality. The qualities which make the Singapura a great choice as a family pet are her curiosity, friendliness, loyalty, general good health. At first, the Singapuras look attracts the people towards the cat. But later the personality of the cat makes her unforgettable.

Singapura Cat Health

The Singapura cat that is both the pedigreed cats and the mixed breed cats has various incidents which show the health problems may be because of genetic nature. The Singapura cats are healthy cats but there is a health issue with Singapura Cat is Pyruvate kinase deficiency disease (PKD).

PKD is the short form of pyruvate kinase deficiency and not the short form of polycystic kidney disease shown among in Persian cats. The reason for this genetic disease is because of a deficiency of an enzyme that is very much needed for the red blood cells, energy metabolism, and thus it results in hemolytic anemia. A test is available for finding out whether the disease is affected by a cat. It also shows the carrier or clear of the disease. Singapura cats affected with these diseases (PKD) have only a normal life.

Taking Care of Singapura Cat

How to care a Singapura cat is given here. First, we have to understand that the short smooth of Singapuras is easy to care for with a quick weekly combing. Polishing it within chamois will surely make the cat shining. But a bath for the cat is rarely needed.

Secondly, brush the cat’s teeth to avoid periodontal disease. It is best to have daily dental hygiene, but weekly brushing is better than not doing at all. You have to trim the cat’s nails every couple of weeks. By coming to the eyes of the cat, you have wiped the corners of the cat’s eye with a soft damp cloth to remove any discharge from there.

It will be good to use a separate area of the cloth for each eye in order to avoid spreading the risk of any infection. Next the ears; check the cat’s ears every week and if it seems dirty remove the dirt with a cotton ball or a soft damp cloth moistened with a fifty-fifty mixture of cider vinegar and warm water. Please avoid using cotton swabs for avoiding the damage caused to the interior of the ears. Keep the litter box of the cat spotlessly clean because the cats are very particular about bathroom hygiene.

It is best to keep the Singapura cat as an indoor cat. This is for protecting the cat from diseases spread by the other cats, attacks from dogs, or coyotes. Another danger is when the cat goes outdoors, it may face the situation that is being hit by a car. Singapura can be stolen by other people who like to have a good cat without paying money. This is also another risk faced by Singapura cats.

Personality of Singapura Cat

Even though the Singapura cat is a small breed, it has a big personality. This Singapura cat is the smallest breed of domestic cats. So, we can call it – a micro-sized kitty. Singapura cat is famous for its love of being in the center of the action and thriving on attention. Singapura cat has high energy and a shining personality.

This cat is a frisky breed. Singapura kitties love to climb, explore and they are muscular. Singapura cats be right by the person’s side, for instance, while the person do chores ready to play if a thrust a duster in their direction.

Singapura Cats don’t like loud noises. So, if you are buying a Singapura kitty please keep this in your mind. So, avoid a noisy neighborhood if you prefer buying a Singapura cat.

Living With the Singapura Cat

Singapura cats have good health and their life expectancy is between eleven and fifteen years. Singapura cats old as eighteen is also have been in record. The breeders of this cat are concerned about the lack of genetic diversity in the breed of a Singapura kitty. Singapura and Burmese cats have the least genetic diversity among the twenty-two breeds. This study is published in the journal Genomics.

So, it is a good decision to adopt a Singapura cat from a reputable breeder, who also offers a written health guarantee. You should look at a shelter first because it is important to note that it is possible to find Singapura cats occasionally at a shelter. The Singapura cats are often not able to birth kittens because of weak muscles, a health condition called uterine inertia. So, birthing is also a health issue for Singapura cats. This shows that kittens are often delivered by the caesarean section.

The other health issue which is a unique health issue to the breed is called pyruvate kinase deficiency which may result in other blood-related issues explains by pet MD. Bone marrow transplant is the only available treatment for this disease. If a Singapura cat is new to your home it must visit the vet as soon as possible after you adopt her, to make sure that the cat has no health issues which needs to get treatment.

Singapura Cat Coat Color and Grooming

The major three distinguishing characteristics of a Singapura cat is its small size that is four to eight pounds and its big eyes and ears apt for the size of the cat. The skin tone is sepia toned coat that gives him the look of having came out from a photograph of the nineteenth century. The short fine coat has a silky texture. Its color is known as sepia agouti; otherwise described as dark brown ticking on a background color that resembles warm old ivory. The cats each hair has two bands of dark ticking separated by light bands ending with a dark tip. The fur on the cat’s muscle, chin, chest, and belly are the color of unbleached muslin.

On the face of the Singapura seems as it is being playing in the makeup box, with dark lines extending from his brows and outside corners of his hazel green or yellow eyes, dark lines extending to downwards from the inner of the eyes along the bridge of the nose- this is called cheetah lines and dark brown lines around the eyes, lips, nose. In contrast to his nose leather is a pale to dark salmon color, and the paw pads of the cat are rosy- brown.

The Singapura cat can be or may be tiny, but the cat by no means is delicate. Its body is stocky and muscular and its neck is short and thick. Heavily muscled legs taper to small short, oval feet. Its tail is short and slender with a dark tip.

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Now we hope that you got a lot of details about the Singapura cat. So, if you want to buy a Singapura cat please go through the above details. We have to think twice before making a wise decision.