11 “DIY Goat Feeders” To Feed Your Goat

Whether you have a small herd of goats or a large livestock farm, having a functional, efficient, and sturdy hay feeder is vital. The ideal goat feeder minimizes waste, keeps the hay dry, and allows for easy access for your goats.

Instead of purchasing costly feeders, you can build one yourself following our easy-to-use DIY Goat Hay Feeder Plans. Let’s delve into 11 different plans to create a feeder that suits your needs perfectly.

DIY Goat Feeders

11 DIY Goat Feeders to Feed Your Goat

Here are some DIY Goat Feeders:

Basic Wooden Pallet Feeder

A basic wooden pallet feeder is simple, cost-effective, and fast to build. All you need are a few old pallets, nails, and basic carpentry tools. The pallets can be rearranged and nailed together to create a rectangular structure that holds the hay efficiently.

Wall-mounted PVC Pipe Feeder

This plan involves using large diameter PVC pipes cut in half lengthways, capped at the ends, and mounted to a wall. The hay can be placed in the pipe and the goats can eat from it, minimizing wastage.

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Barrel Hay Feeder

A large plastic or metal barrel can be converted into a durable, weather-proof hay feeder. By cutting a large opening in the barrel and securing it to a fence or post, you’ve got a simple feeder.

V-shaped Wooden Feeder

This design requires a bit more carpentry skill but offers an efficient feeding solution. The V-shape keeps the hay contained while allowing multiple goats to feed from both sides.

Square Hay Bale Feeder

This DIY feeder plan involves building a wooden structure that can hold a full square bale of hay. It keeps the bale off the ground and allows the goats to eat from it directly.

Trough Feeder

A trough feeder can be made from a variety of materials including wood and metal. This design requires creating a rectangular, open-top box that can be filled with hay.

A-Frame Feeder

The A-Frame feeder design involves creating an A-shaped structure from wood or metal that can hold a large amount of hay. It provides good stability and efficient feeding.

Hanging Mesh Bag Feeder

This easy DIY plan involves using a strong mesh bag that can be filled with hay and hung at a height suitable for your goats. It’s an ideal plan for those who don’t have much space.

Wire Spool Feeder

This innovative design involves using an old wooden wire spool. The center hole can be filled with hay, and the rounded design ensures that goats can feed from all around.

Plastic Crate Feeder

A large plastic crate or storage box can be easily converted into a hay feeder. Simply cut large holes in the sides and secure it to a post or fence.

Tyre Feeder

An old large tyre can serve as a simple and effective hay feeder. Simply place the hay inside the tyre and let your goats enjoy.

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Creating your own DIY goat hay feeder can be a rewarding project that saves money and provides an effective feeding solution for your goats.

From simple pallet designs to innovative barrel and PVC pipe feeders, there is a DIY goat hay feeder plan suitable for every skill level and herd size.

Remember, the goal is to provide a feeder that keeps hay dry, minimizes waste, and allows easy access for your goats. Happy building!