13 Black and White Cat Breeds

Black and white cats are absolutely adorable. Now you might think that we are cat lovers and we are being unreasonable in our article but that’s not true. Even though we love cats, we are not crazy about them. But the black and white cats are an exception. They are very cute and monochrome to look at.

They are also believed by many people to be more friendly and incentive than cats of other colors. Now, this has been concluded by information gathered from cat lovers who actually have cats as pets.

These black and white cats have a distinct personality and they are very mischievous in nature. These felines are loved worldwide by cat lovers and why not! They are so freaking adorable in the first place. We just simply adore them (once again we are not being unjust!). In fact, you didn’t know, there are no actual pure white and black cad breeds.

As crazy it may sound it is absolutely true and a stone cold fact. The black and white cats that we find today are just variations of certain breeds. So let us have a look at these types of black and white cats.

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Cats have always captivated our attention with their mysterious ways, playful antics, and vibrant personalities. One of the most interesting aspects of cats is their diverse coat colors and patterns. Among these, black and white cats hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

But what are these black and white felines actually called? Are they rare? Do they primarily belong to one gender? And are they naturally occurring? This article aims to answer all these questions while optimizing your understanding of the enigmatic black and white cat.

What is a Black and White Cat Called?

In feline terminology, a black and white cat is often referred to as a “Tuxedo” cat. This name is inspired by the formal wear known as a tuxedo, which the cat’s coat pattern resembles. Tuxedo cats usually have a black body with white paws, chest, and often a white face marking, giving them a striking, elegant appearance.

Types of Black and White Cats

The black and white cats that we find have different color patterns on them. This is really pretty in certain cats and we have listed the common known patterns that appear in these cats.

Locket – these cats are mostly black with little white on their fur. The white is usually located at their stomach or near their neck. Maybe that’s why they named it the locket pattern.

Mitted – well as the name suggests these are cats with black all over and whites covering their paws that make them look as if they are wearing mittens.

Tuxedo – this might just be a personal favorite pattern on cats. The cat is black but its paws, belly, and nose is white. It makes it seem that the cat is wearing a tuxedo. The pattern is so cute and quite rare to find.

Magpie – these are usually white cats with only patches of black on them. They look very cute, almost like a Dalmatian. We said almost! Bi-colored – they are usually half black and half white. Not exactly half as per say but the colors are equally distributed. We all love equality!

Van – the pattern is completely white with a black tail and some spots or splashes of black behind the cat’s ears. Harlequin – This is similar to the magpie. The cat is white with random black spots all over it. The tail however of this pattern is completely black.

Cap and saddle – these cats have a colored head and back. They might or might not have a black colored tail too. This really depends on the breed or the pattern.

13 Black and White Cat Breeds

Here are the 13 Types of Black and White Cat Breeds. This might be a long list so buckle up and get ready to swoon over these cute cats! Without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. British Shorthair

The first one on our list is a British Shorthair. It is a very popular cat in Britain.  They usually produce blue cats but they can produce black and white cats too. These cats have thick dense coat which means that they can be pretty warmed up even if they live outside. They have an easy-going personality.

They are also famous for getting along quite well with dogs and children! They are the perfect cat to get if you are looking for a family pet. And no one can resist that cute little face! They will also keep the rodents away from your home. It’s a win-win deal.

2. Cymrics

These cats are mostly tailless. You can say that they are the haired version of the Manx cat. There is a legend regarding these cats and how they lost their tail. The cat was napping when Noah called all the animals on the skip. The cat woke up at the last minute and ran to the ship.

The door bolted and snipped off the cat’s tail. These cats are very friendly and people oriented. They like a lot of attention. So make sure you give them that!

3. Maine Coon

These are the next one on the list and they are known to be the largest of the domestic cat variety. These cats have a number of color variations happening in their breed (over 30 color variations)  and black and white is one of them. They are extra friendly in nature.

They bond well with children so they are a great option if you have a big family. Some owners even mentioned that they have dog like personality. They are big and fluffy and absolutely adorable. Give them big hugs and lots of love!

4. Munchkin

The Munchkin is such a cute name for any breed to be honest. So we have to assume that these cats are also very cute. They are also known as the dachshund of the cat world. They have the same short legs and long bodies as that of a dachshund. They are cute but they have a cheeky personality.

They take or rather steal stuff from their owners and then store them in their personal collection. However, that’s also cute in its own kind of way. They are very energetic and love to play. Just keep a lookout for your things if you get a munchkin.

5. Japanese Bobtail

Have you seen those Japanese cat toys that are supposed to bring good luck? Well these cats supposedly inspired those toys. So nonetheless these cats are said to bring good luck to their owners. The cat also has a vocal voice so you will be hearing a lot of sweet sounding meows!

They also have a round kind of tail that make them look extra cute. If you have not seen the cats picture yet then you immediately need too. They are so adorable that we can’t help but swoon over them. Simply perfect!

6. Siberian Forest Cat

Want a fluffy cat? Then maybe you should get yourself a Siberian Forest cat. They are so cute and so fluffy that we can not define it in words. They have large paws and their fur is super soft. Hugging them is alike hugging a cloud. The earliest reference found of these cats are back in 1000 AD. That means that these cats have been around for some time.

However, these cats do not do well in cities. They love nature and to play outside. So if you are thinking of getting one of these but like in the middle of a city, please reconsider. City life is not good for these babies.

7. Persian

Well well well, we finally have our personal favorite on the list. They are literally the most royal of all the cat breeds. You can’t help but love them. These cats like to be treated gently and royally. These cats were even favoured by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

To put it bluntly they are not a family pet. They won’t do good with other pets around them.They like all the attention and would want to remain the center of your attention. The Persian cat is one of the most popular breeds of cat all over the world.

8. Cornish Rex

The next one up is Cornish Rex. Now you might have heard about those cats or even seen them before because they are very popular. They are known as the Greyhounds of the cat world. They have tight fur and the wide eyes make them really unique.

These cats are very smart and they also have this special thing about being social. Because of this, some of these cats can also be trained to be a therapy animal. They can be taught a number of impressive tricks. Yes, they are that smart!

9. Manx Cat

The next spot is taken by the Manx cat itself. We all have pretty much seen a Manx cat even if it was only in images. They are quite similar to the Cornish Rex. They also have a dog-like personality and they do not have a tail. Sometimes they can have a stump in place of their tail but no actual tail.

The cats are highly intelligent and they can be taught a number of tricks or activities too. If you are thinking of getting yourself a Manx cat then you should not hesitate and get yourself this beautiful feline immediately!

10. Oriental Shorthair

Not to be confused with the British Shorthair, this is the Oriental Shorthair. But people tend to confuse the Oriental Shorthair with the Siamese cat more than the British Shorthair. They have green eyes and are stunning creatures. They are so adorable that you would want to take one in your lap immediately.

We love the breed even though they are sometimes known to trigger allergies in some people. They have a short fur making them vulnerable to cold. So they like to live in warm, cosy places.

11. Scottish Fold

They are famous for their impish appearance. They have folded ears that makes for the signature look of this cat breed. They might look impish but their personality are usually different. They are known to be friendly and even tempered. They make for good pets.

They can live peacefully with other pets and children (unlike the Persian). They need to be groomed properly and this can be a pain for some people so fair warning. These cats also tend to develop a joint disease which can affect their bone and cartilage development. So you need to keep an eye out if you are getting a Scottish Fold.

12. Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora was known to be the white cats. Most of the cats of this breed are usually white cats but there are variations too. Black and white is one combination among those variations. They are social cats and they do not like living alone. They are always in need of some company so its better to have these cats in a full household.

They are very active cats. They also tend to become mischievous when they are bored. They have one peculiar feature. They like to Play in the water. That’s unlikely for most cats. But hey! They are who they are. We don’t judge.

13. Moggies

The last one on our list is Moggies. They are a mixed breed. These are the cats that you will usually find in an adoption center. However, these cats are very intelligent and very affectionate. They don’t have many health issues usually so that means you don’t have to take them to the vet too much.

Their coat colors and patterns can differ a lot too. We are sure that you will find that they make for great and adorable pets. If you are adopting a cat, get a moggie!

How Rare is a Black and White Cat?

While black and white cats are relatively common, the tuxedo pattern itself can be considered somewhat less frequent when compared to other coat colors like tabby, calico, or solid black.

According to various feline genetic studies, the black and white coat pattern occurs naturally and is one of the more prevalent coat patterns you’ll find. However, the exact distribution of tuxedo cats can vary by region and the local cat population.

Are Black and White Cats Female?

Contrary to popular belief, black and white coloration is not restricted to one gender in cats. Both male and female cats can sport this stunning color scheme.

The genes responsible for coat color and pattern are located on different chromosomes than the one that determines gender. Therefore, you can find both male and female tuxedo cats, as well as other types of black and white cats.

Are Black and White Cats Natural?

The black and white color pattern is indeed a naturally occurring one and is found in various feline populations across the globe. This coloration can offer some advantages in the wild; the black parts provide some camouflage during night hunting, while the white could serve to blend in with lighter surroundings.

However, it’s essential to note that domestication has led to a variety of coat patterns and colors, including the black and white coloration we commonly see today.

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We hope that you have liked this article. We enjoyed writing about the article but we hope that you also enjoyed and had a great time reading this article. The types of black and white cats that there are is astounding. We have listed the 13 of them.

You will definitely find out more about it on the net if you want to know more about them. Thank you so much for reading this article. We recommend that you should take some time and read through the entire article (if you have skipped) and then take a decision. While it’s fascinating to some, it might be boring to others.

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