Bengal Cat Facts and Other Details

Bengal cats are not delicate felines in any manner. If you have seen one you know what we are talking about. The Bengal cats are very athletic so to say. They look and act like they belong in the jungle.

They are very active cats and they have a lot of energy. They may look a little bit on the wild side but they are very good domestic cats. They are said to be very affectionate towards their families and they love to play with their humans.

They are very agile and energetic cats so you need to keep up their energy. If you can get in sync with your Bengal cat then you will have this wonderful pet. We have dedicated this article to Bengal cats.

In this article, you will get to know everything about them. Their history and features and ways to take care of them is all mentioned here. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.


The Bengal cat is a domestic cat unlike its ancestor the small wild Asian leopard cat. The domestic nature of this cat can’t be seen at first glance. At first glance they will seem like very big spotted cats that belong to the wild. That’s natural to think because of the way they look.

The Bengal cats were formed due to crosses between the Asian leopard cat and domestic short hair cats. That’s why the Bengal cats have their name from the scientific name of the Asian Leopard Cats. Jean Miller, a Californian breeder was the first person to breed this new Bengal cat.

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However you may be surprised to know that this happened because of an accident. It wasn’t planned or anything. She kept the Asian Leopard cat with a black tom cat to keep company. She didn’t expect them to breed. But they did breed and kittens were formed.

Dr Willard Centerwald was breeding Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats around the same time. However he was doing this willingly and intentionally for his research. This was not a pleasant accident like the one before. The first cat association to recognize and accept the Bengal cats were the international cat association.


They are medium to large in size and they weigh around 15 pounds. We are talking on an average here. There are bigger cats of the Bengal cats breed that can be found. But on an average they are around 15 pounds.


The personality of a Bengal cat is unique if sometimes difficult to keep up with. The cat is extremely intelligent and agile. They are always active and always learning new tricks. They like to play a lot. They are smart so Nothing escapes their notice.

They also like to engage in social activities along with their humans. There is not one dull moment with these cats. If they get bored then they can be a nuisance. Therefore it is always important to give them attention and keep them busy.

The Bengal cats also have a habit of climbing so if there are nearby trees then you can at times find them perched on a very high branch. Unlike other cats they are also fond playing in the water. A cat liking water may sound strange to some of you but it is what it is. We don’t judge. At times they will want to sit on your lap and get some of your attention. But that only happens on rare occasions so don’t expect too much from this free spirit.


Bengal cats are pretty healthy to be honest. Because of their athletic nature they do not tend to suffer from a lot of diseases. However they are not immortal, they also have a physical body that can sometimes fall ill. These are the health issues or problems that can at times be found in Bengal cats.

  • Flat chested kitten syndrome – this is a deformity that can be mild or severe.
  • Distal neuropathy – this is a nervous problem that can lead to weakness in your Bengal cat.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy – this damages their eyes.
  • Patellar luxation – this is a hereditary disease where the knee cap of your cat gets dislocated.
  • Hip displasia – this can cause severe lameness in your Bengal cat.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – this is a heart disease. It is also hereditary.

In case of any of these problems or diseases, you should take the help of a professional vet. Caring for your Bengal cat is very important. This brings us to our next topic.


A bath is rarely necessary for the Bengal cats. They have short hair which can be easily maintained. A weekly brush through to remove dead hair and to speed the oil is good for the cat. Brushing their teeth and trimming their nails weekly is important. You should also wipe out any discharge from your feline’s eyes. You also need to check the ears of your cat weekly.

If they are dirty clean it with damp cotton or cloth. Do not and we repeat, do not use cotton swabs. You need to keep the litter box clean too. Cats are very particular about their hygiene. Prevent your cat from going outside too much to minimize getting infection from any other wild cats or animals. People can also steal such a beautiful cat so please keep your eyes open.

Coat Colour And Grooming

Like we have stated before the Bengal cat is no ordinary cat. It is an athletic cat that has a great body because of its active nature. They literally look like a mini leopard or jaguar. They have a good build and great supply of unending energy. They have a broad head that make it look like they belong to the jungle.

They have relatively small ears than other cats set towards the side of their head. They also have a long neck which is mostly muscular. Their eyes are also pretty round in shape. The body of the Bengal cat is supported by medium sized legs.

The legs are slightly longer in the back (we mean the hind legs). If you look closely you can see the difference between the hind and the fore legs of a Bengal cat. The Bengal cats also have a spotted belly. The tail of the cat is tipped in black and it is of a decent size, we will call it medium sized.

The coat of the Bengal cat is its pride. They come in different colours if you are interested. There is the brown tabby, seal mink tabby, black silver tabby, silver lynx point, etc. Some of the Bengal cats have been found to have glittery coats that shimmer in the sunlight. Boy! We would definitely like to see that.

Choosing the Best Food for Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are very active and energetic. Therefore to keep up their energy levels they need some good protein rich cat food. You can opt for the Pro Plan Savour dry and wet food. You can also go for Pro Plan True Nature dry and wet food if you want too.

In case you are worried about something then you should definitely go to your vet and ask for their expert opinion on your issue or problem. There is usually no problem with the food that we mentioned but if you have some or any doubts then please feel free to consult a professional. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Choosing the Best Food for Bengal Kittens

Well, kittens usually need a lot of nutrients and nourishing so that they can grow properly. You have to choose a good food for your Bengal kitten so that they can get the best nutrients growing up. Kitten food like Pro Plan Focus Kitten is something that you will definitely like to give your growing Bengal kittens. Both the dry and wet kind of food is good for them. They have everything that your kitten needs. It is highly recommended.


Here are some random facts about Bengal cats that you will like to know. Note that they are just random facts or tid bits. If you want to know more about these facts then you can definitely google it. So here we go with some crazy facts about Bengal cats.

  • The name of the Bengal cat came from the scientific name of the Asian Leopard cat.
  • The Bengal cats are the only cats that have spotting or marking like that of leopards and jaguars. This is what makes these cats so cool appearance wise.
  • The international cat association accepted the Bengal cat as for a championship status in the year 1991. (Yes there is such an association in existence!)
  • The American Cat Fanciers Association also accepted the breed but however due to problems caused at cat shows by this breed, this acceptance was revoked by the America Cat Fanciers Association. They were reinstated back in 1997.

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