American Wirehair Facts, History and Personality

The American Wirehair cat is a breed of cats which originated due to spontaneous mutation. The only characteristics which make American Wirehair cats different from other usual cats is their coat. The American Wirehair cats’ coat is hard to touch, springy, dense, coarse and resilient which makes it different from other usual breeds of cats. They are friendly, playful and need very little grooming.


The breed of American Wirehair is started from the species of domestic cats. In the year 1966, in New York, a pair of cats with no unusual characters named Boostsie and Fluffy gave birth to five kittens which all had unusual characteristics of peculiar and wiry hairs.

Unfortunately, all kittens died and only one left. The other kittens born from Bootsie and Fluffy did not get any such characteristics of wired hair. The one kitten which survived was a male of white and red coloured. That kitten was named Adam.

There was a Rex cat whose owner was Joan O’Shea of Vernon, New York. She heard about that surviving kitten named Adam and visited it. She found that Adam was not identical with her cat. She adopted Adam. Now Joan’s female cat and Adam gave birth to some kittens from which some kittens were having the characteristics of Adam which was a wiry hair coat.

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This breeding proved that the wire hair coat gene was a dominant gene which means only one parent is needed to produce this characteristic of wiry hair.The sample of kitten’s hair having wiry hair coat was sent to British cat geneticists for its analysis. The analysis showed that the hair is unique which showed only the characteristics of Adam.

There were no characteristics of the female cat. The ancestors of all the wiry hair coat cats are Adam and his kitten having similar characteristics which is a rare breed.


The hair of American Wirehair cats is a little bit unruly and abrasive but they have a friendly personality. They are so playful and loyal and also enjoy the attention of your family. They are active and affectionate cats and mostly don’t get clingy and hyper. The personality of American Wirehair cats is much similar to American Shorthair cats except American Wirehair are more active as compared to American Shorthair cats.

They are very mild-mannered cats but they never lose their independent spirit although they are very family friendly. They are not so demanding and don’t need a lot of grooming. They are fun loving cats who enjoy playing with children, adults or with other cats. If there is nobody available to play with them, they can play alone and entertainment themselves.

They easily get friendly with children and other pets loving in the house. A lot of people also say that these cats can understand your feelings. They try to provide comfort to the people who are feeling low by sitting near them and showing concern and support to them.

Physical Attributes

The physical attributes of the American Wirehair cats are as follows:

1. Body Shape

The size of their body may vary from medium to large. Shoulders, hips and back are of the same width. Torso is proportionate and rounded.

2. Head Structure

The head is proportionate to the body. The underlying bone is rounded. Their chin and muzzle are well developed and have a little bit of a whisker break. Their noses are a little bit of a concave curve.

3. Ears

Their ears are somewhat rounded at the tips and medium in size which are widely set and open unduly from the base.

4. Eyes

Their eyes are bright, rounded, clear and large in size which are widely set having the intensity of colour reflection and the aperture is tilted slightly upward.

5. Paws and Legs Structure

They have bony and well-muscled legs of medium size which is proportionate to the size of the body. Their paws are rounded and firm having heavy pads with 9 toes from which five present at front and four at behind.

6. Tail Structure

The length of the tail is proportional to the body. The base is rounded and the tip is between blunt and pointed.

7. Hair Coat

The hair coat is of medium length, tight and spring-like. Each hair are bent, hook-shaped, or crimpy and even the hairs inside the ear are hooked, bent, or crimpy. The whole coat is wire-like resilience and coarseness. Its density is either wavy or ring-like which can be curly, crimp, dense, or whisker which is tough to touch.

8. Colour

The color or the pattern may vary from individual to individual.

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Here, in this article, we have discussed an unusual breed of cats which is American Wirehair cats which resulted due to spontaneous mutations. Some people are curious to know about different breeds of cats or they want to domesticate some unusual breeds. If you are also the one among them, then this article is for you.

We have discussed all the essential information about American Wirehair cats in this article including their history, personality, and physical attributes. You can go through the whole article to find the facts about these American Wirehair cats. The only main characteristic which differentiates them from other cats is the coat of hair. I hope, you will find this article interesting and will enjoy it.